Mortuary brings together community

August 12, 2013

Med25 International operates under a unique, sustainable mission of providing individuals in rural African communities with quality, culturally appropriate, and affordable health care, all while focusing on “One Community at a Time”.  While concentrating on one community Med25 enables a higher level of care, partnership, and support throughout the community. And Med25 doesn’t act alone as the local population invests in its own health. To support Med25’s clinic with reduced fees for impoverished patients, Med25 looked to create a local social business which contributes to the project, allows for broader engagement with surrounding communities, and positively contributes to the local economy.

Med25’s approach to sustainability might surprise you.

After completing multiple market surveys and business analyses in Mbita, Kenya as well as the surrounding province, Nyanza, Med25 found that the top priority of the community was not a water project or a new army of community health workers, but a mortuary. The closest mortuary to Mbita is over two hours away and the transportation cost alone equates to the average annual income of a family in Mbita.

Seventeen different mortuaries in Nyanza, Kenya were evaluated to determine a culturally appropriate mortuary model that would have a similar layout to local mortuaries. However, Med25 also brought in a United States mortuary consultant for additional advice on how to build a mortuary that would be structured toward efficiency, fluent practices, and sustainability.

In June 2012, construction on Mbita’s mortuary began. Med25 International is hearing positive reactions from local politicians and other mortuaries all over Kenya for supporting, listening, and bringing quality services to a rural community. The community of Mbita is excited for the mortuary’s grand opening this coming fall. 

To learn more about Med25 International, please visit their website.