Business Partnerships is a committee of public and private sector individuals that brings together the non-profit and for-profit sectors to create mutually beneficial partnerships that spur innovation and accelerate the growth of our region's global health sector.   To stay connected to this vibrant group of collaborators, join our LinkedIn group or download a flyer for more information.

Technological and supply chain challenges faced by global health organizations create significant barriers to carrying out their work.  At the same time, the expertise of companies in our region in these disciplines runs deep.  Putting the two together gave birth to the idea of creating a systematic approach for identifying potential corporate partners to collaborate on addressing global health technological and supply chain challenges.

Business Partnerships aims to create mutually beneficial collaborations between non-profit organizations and private sector companies that spur innovation and increase the impact made by global health organizations. By facilitating these partnerships, Washington Global Health Alliance will help to solve challenges that non-governmental organizations (NGO) experience in logistics, software and mobile technology, and equipment development. These collaborations will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of the NGO partners thus deepening their impact on improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people.

An example of our work

World Concern does a great job reaching people in remote or dangerous places. However, it’s difficult to feed a hungry family in a volatile place like Somalia. Reaching the right person presents one obstacle, then efficiently tracking the results of a food distribution presents another challenge.  With better tools to analyze and track data, aid workers could increase effectiveness and speed, saving more lives.

The Business Partnerships committee connected World Concern and tech-startup ScanMyList for a common goal. ScanMyList had already been developing a mobile application that could help World Concern’s need for digitally tracking food distribution. This collaboration expands potential markets for ScanMyList while helping the poor through World Concern.  It grows a new Seattle company and improves the health of children in Somalia.  We hope that it will be an inspiration for other collaborations and spark new ideas for partnerships to improve global health.

2013 Business Partnership Roundtables

More and more we hear from businesses who want to engage in global health. WGHA, in partnership with the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development and Foster Pepper, created a series of three Business Roundtables as an entry point meant to demystify engagement and create a valuable idea exchange for non-profits and for-profits.

Part 1: The Elusive Global Health Business Model

The first roundtable occurred Tuesday, May 14 at Cascade Designs and focused on global health business models, specifically funding strategies, developing a market and partnership and collaboration. Attendees actively shared their experiences while discussing the importance of combined and complimentary objectives in partnership, sharing notes and information on potential funders and market development.

If your business or non-profit would like to participate in an upcoming Business Roundtable please contact Stephanie Grow,

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