What We Do – Global Health Nexus

Seattle is a nexus.  Our region is home to success stories and the kinds of world-class innovation in philanthropy, discovery, development, delivery, and education that are improving the lives of people everywhere, every day. This environment creates multiple opportunities for organizations to collaborate, resulting in new investment, advanced recruitment and valuable partnerships for global health.

Global Health Nexus– an initiative of the Washington Global Health Alliance in partnership with the Puget Sound Regional Council and the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association – brings the Seattle region’s business, research, government and medical community together to build a platform for enhanced collaboration and action. We raise public awareness of global health issues and provide an avenue for individuals and institutions to contribute to global health solutions.

An astonishing collection of global health expertise and partners enable Washington to remain a center for global health and discovery and innovation. Through Nexus, more than 200 professional representatives communicate the achievements and opportunities in global health. The result of this network is increased investment and retention of top talent in the region and organization. See who is involved.

July is Global Health Month

Ambitious plans are underway to accelerate this momentum as part of the Next Fifty, a six month celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Seattle World’s Fair. July 2012 will be Global Health Month, with the Global Health Experience Exhibit, "Groundswell: A night for global health" 3,000 person public event featuring Melinda Gates, "Agency (formerly Party with a Purpose)" event for 20 and 30-somethings, the multi-faith event "Perspectives: How faith-based and secular health organizations partner for better global health", and the "Be the Change Student Competition". Global Health Month will feature our region’s strengths in combating malaria, diabetes and cancer, and in improving mother and child health and access to safe water. 

Global Health Experience Exhibit

Groundswell: A Night for Public Health

Agency - Formerly Party with a Purpose

Fath and Secular Partnerships for Global Health

Be the change Student Competition