What We Do – Global To Local

Using Global Health Strategies to Improve Health at Home

Washington Global Health Alliance, Public Health - Seattle & King County, HealthPoint and Swedish are working together to address disparities in local healthcare through a groundbreaking initiative: Global to Local, a new approach in applying global solutions to local healthcare challenges in underserved populations.

As part of the initiative, Global to Local is collaborating with neighboring cities in Tukwila, Wash. and SeaTac, Wash. (located just south of downtown Seattle, Wash.), to provide innovative, holistic and community-driven solutions to providing healthcare and economic development strategies in diverse, low-income populations.

Numerous organizations within the Washington Global Health Alliance are working to improve lives for millions worldwide. The new Global to Local initiative seeks to utilize expertise and experience from these organizations to uncover ways successful global health strategies can be applied in our county, state and country.

South King County, in particular, has been selected as the pilot site because its health demographics mirror those in certain developing countries. There are many other communities in our state and country that have similar health disparities. The initiative’s leaders hope to create a program that can be replicated throughout our state and across the country.

Members of the Global to Local partnership are working together to develop a new community-based healthcare program to better educate and inform residents in South King County. This includes, but is not limited to, training and developing community health promoters, partnering with cities to link health with economic development programming, mobilizing community-based organizations to make it easier for residents to select and choose healthier foods for their families, generating educational campaigns around priority health issues and using technologies and communications tools to transform practices.

Swedish, the largest and most comprehensive non-profit medical provider in the Greater Seattle area, has committed $1 million in funding to the initiative.

Additional partners within the Tukwila and SeaTac communities are supporting Global to Local to learn and educate the partners about the needs and strengths of the community. These organizations include City Human Services Managers for SeaTac & Tukwila, Community Schools Collaboration, Highline Youth Clinic, Lutheran Community Services, Riverton Park United Methodist Church, New Futures, New Hope Health Clinic and Matt Griffin YMCA.

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Global To Local hosted an informational event at the HealthPoint Community Center in SeaTac on February 15th. The event included demonstrations of Global To Local's mobile interpretation technology, information on the accomplishments of 2011, and a discussion about ongoing community outreach efforts.