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Washington Global Health Mapping Study

“By being centered on global health in its entirety, rather than from an institutional or disciplinary focus, the Alliance has been able to bring together multi- and interdisciplinary approaches to improve health. Whether public or private, universities or NGOs, basic research or implementation, the focus is on catalyzing new ideas and creating synergies among individuals and institutions. The result is global health leadership.”
—Guy H. Palmer DVM, PhD, Regents Professor and Creighton Endowed Chair, Pathology and Infectious Diseases, Director of the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health, Washington State University

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The Reach of Washington’s Global Health Sector

2011 Global Health Strategic Mapping and Economic Opportunity Portfolio

The Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA) and City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development (OED) released the results from the 2011 Global Health Strategic Mapping and Economic Opportunity Portfolio, which quantifies the remarkable impact of Washington’s global health sector, as well as identifies business opportunities for local companies in global health.

This Strategic Mapping Portfolio demonstrates the growing impact of global health in Washington State and around the world. 59 Washington organizations responded to the survey with the following results:
  • Respondent’s organizations have 2,503 projects and initiatives in 156 countries;



WGHA members reported 75 partnerships among member organizations

  • In Washington, 2,979 people work in global health. Outside of the state, these 59 organizations support an additional 17,275 employees;
  • Washington has particular expertise in infectious & chronic disease and developing technologies & devices; and
  • Washington global health organizations surveyed collaborate with 1,574 partners, located in 111 countries across the world.

New to Global Health?

The Economic Opportunity Portfolio is a useful tool in understanding opportunities in the global health sector. The Portfolio provides concrete examples of companies who have taken successfully utilized global health opportunities. Companies considering engagement with the global health sector will be encouraged by the communication tool available in this Portfolio.

The study highlights intersections and opportunities in global health for a number of Washington’s leading industries and sectors including: Life Sciences, Information & Communications Technology, Agriculture & Food Processing, Clean Technology and Product Development & Manufacturing.

This project was funded with a Cluster Grant from the Washington Department of Commerce, We Work for Health Washington, and the Washington Global Health Fund, and the research was conducted by Berk & Associates of Seattle.

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