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K. R. Prabha

Global Health Advocate

K.R. Prabha currently serves as the secretary and treasurer for the Washington Global Health Alliance.

K. R. Prabha is a healthcare innovator with over 15 years’ consulting experience focused on care delivery strategy, innovation, and measurable improvements at Huron, PwC (formerly Booz Company), and Deloitte. Prabha brings an international view and engineering mindset when solving health care challenges. She has lived and worked in India and Canada, and is currently a management consultant in the U.S.  Prabha has led significant transformations for major hospitals and health system organizations. She works with Boards of Directors and C-suite executives to design and execute transformative strategies. Prabha is a published thought leader and has presented at multiple health care conferences in the U.S. and internationally.

Prabha has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the College of Engineering Pune, University of Pune, India and Master of Engineering degree from Carleton University, Canada.