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Maizy Vlasaty-McKernan


Maizy Vlasaty-McKernan is the Dog-in-Residence at the Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA). In her role, Maizy increases the happiness of her colleagues on her working days and ensures that the office is a friendly, safe environment for all.

Prior to joining WGHA, Maizy was a stay-at-home dog in West Seattle. She enjoys long walks, organic treats, and active furry friends.

Maizy and her sister Riley were roaming the streets of Tacoma before she was matched with her furever family in July 2017.  Maizy received her Certificate in Dog School at Puppy Perfectors in 2017, and she continues her professional development with treat-forward training.

WGHA connects and informs Washington’s global health community, creating a culture of collaboration at home so our members can have more impact in the world. The first organization of its kind, WGHA was founded in 2007 and today has more than 80 members working to achieve health equity.