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A hat tip for equity at work, what’s the score with Atlanta, and who’s in Rwanda

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Max in Mozambique

The Max Foundation is bringing treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) to Mozambique for the first time. CML patients in Mozambique who aren’t able to travel for treatment may only live another 3 to 5 years. But thanks to The Max Foundation’s supply chain and private-sector partners, 100 cancer patients now have a new lease on life.

Where are the women?

In Kigali, of course. Field Notes spotted several Washington women among the 1,000 participants at last weekend’s Women Leaders in Global Health conference.

The conference in Rwanda brought together leaders and allies to consider barriers to achieving gender equity in global health and to renew a commitment to change the status quo.

Closer to home, Women in Global Health Seattle is building community for local women and also challenging the status quo. Sign up to get regular updates, and complete this survey to get in on a 2020 small group.

Where are the reporters?

Also in Rwanda. Organized by Malaria No More and the International Women’s Media Foundation, journalists visited the country in September. This month the UK’s The Telegraph reports on the 82 percent drop in malaria cases in the Mahama refugee camp near the Burundi border, where women are leading a successful campaign against malaria.

You had to be there

Two recent WGHA member blogs highlight the golden rule of global health work—understanding and respecting the people and culture of communities.

  • Kati Collective reflects on its invaluable first-hand look at the challenges and possibilities of digital health technology in Malawi.
  • And Panorama Global considers community engagement as an indispensable component in ending the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Self-care and health care

PATH teamed up with Ho Chi Minh City and the Novartis Foundation to make hypertension prevention and treatment easy. The Communities for Healthy Hearts took a fresh approach, setting up blood pressure checkpoints in nail salons, coffee shops, and other high-traffic spots.

Results are strong: Of people who showed elevated blood pressure, 55 percent were diagnosed with hypertension and 70 percent are receiving treatment. It pays to get a little screening with your shellac.

The envelope says

Puget Sound Business Journal publishes its list of most equitable workplaces and recognizes Seattle-based VillageReach for engaging employees of all backgrounds, rooting out unconscious bias, and making its gender equity strategy visible and transparent. Check out VillageReach’s opportunities to be part of a more equitable future.

Another kind of resistance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) releases its 2019 antibiotic resistance threats report, with updated data and a new watch list of 18 resistant bacteria and fungi.

And Washington State University’s Sylvia Omulo spoke at the Pacific Science Center about the antibiotic resistance work she’s leading in Kibera and Asembo, Kenya. Next up, Sylvia and her team will lead a public awareness campaign with local officials in Asembo to amplify CDC’s findings and recommendations.

Seattle 2: Atlanta 1

It’s true that the Seahawks outscored the Falcons last month. And yes, the Sounders are Major League Soccer champions. Good luck next year, Atlanta United FC.

But Atlanta did score a sweet shout-out in Delta Sky magazine as a public health powerhouse, with a nod to our sister organization, the Georgia Global Health Alliance.

Around town

  • November 19: Join WGHA’s mental health roundtable for a conversation on mental health needs in the communities where you’re working. For members only.
  • November 20: Cambia Grove hosts a roundtable with Dr. Eric Rose of Intelligent Medical Objects to discuss how informatics can improve health care outcomes.
  • November 21: Join other WGHA members’ communication leads at the last Communicators Roundtable of 2019. For members only.
  • December 3: How do entrepreneurs overcome barriers to health care innovation? Register for a lively conversation at this Cambia Grove roundtable discussion.
  • December 10: Look into the future of global health at this Science in the City panel moderated by Dr. Tom Kawula, Director of the Washington State University Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health, with WGHA member organizations University of WashingtonFred Hutch, and PATH.

Change is coming, my friends, whether you like it or not…. Without us, you simply cannot hold up half the sky.

—Her Royal Highness Princess Dina Mired of Jordan and global advocate for cancer control, speaking at the 2019 Women Leaders in Global Health Conference in Kigali

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