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Host a podcast with Anna Faris, come to the new WGHA Member Mixer, and follow Luke Timmerman’s Everest climb

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Be her guest

Support healthy birth outcomes and maybe hang out with a Seattle sweetheart, Anna FarisAnna is partnering with the Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth to raise money to improve birth outcomes worldwide. Listen to Anna and her dad Jack Faris talk with GAPPS cofounder Dr. Craig Rubens to learn how you can support GAPPS and enter the raffle to meet Anna in LA and make a guest appearance on her podcast, Unqualified. Pretty sweet, right?

Swipe right

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and the University of Washington’s Information School are teaming up to create disease profiles, and they need a few Seattle volunteers working in health-related fields to swipe right. The new disease profiles will be modeled after IHME’s country profiles, and as a volunteer, your input will guide the profile content and design. Email Rachel Fortunati to participate.

Dessa darling

Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 26 because WGHA is throwing a party, and you’re the guest of honor. But wait, there’s more…

Remember our rapper riddle: What do you get when you cross a rapper, brain science, and Hamilton? The answer, of course, is Dessa. And we’re thrilled this singer, rapper, writer, and brain science enthusiast is stopping by WGHA’s very first member mixer—ADJUevent. Get your ticket today!

Not so elementary, my dear Watson May the Force be with you

It takes some serious detective work to stop the spread of TB when about 25 percent of people in the world carry the infection but don’t have symptoms. Good news—the Center for Infectious Disease Research was awarded a $17.2 millionboost from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to better understand the disease and inform new TB diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines.

May the Force be with you

Have you seen Luke Timmerman carrying his 80-pound backpack up Seattle hills and wondered why? Timmerman—journalist, author, entrepreneur, mountain lover, and Seattle native—has set his eyes on summiting Mount Everest to benefit Fred Hutch’s cancer research. He’s the first Climb to Fight Cancer participant to take on Everest.

We get it. Not everyone is ready to summit Everest. Instead, go to the Seattle Cancer Summit on March 5 for the latest in cancer R&D.


Doing business for the greater good

Visceral crafts brands and websites for the world’s leading causes. As a certified B corporation, Visceral is proud to partner with changemakers across the globe to strengthen their communications both online and off. Are you ready to unleash ideas that move people? Contact the team at Visceral.

They hold the future

USAID knows that investing in our youth—one-quarter of the world’s population—is key to improving health outcomes globally. That’s where you come in. If you have unique health solutions or programs that are accessible to adolescents (maybe you’re working in the field or maybe you’re rearing a few teenagers of your own), submit your solutions to USAID by April 13.

Well off

Philip Welkhoff is the new malaria program director at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. After getting malaria multiple times as a kid, Welkhoff wanted to learn how diseases are transmitted. He will bring his expertise in disease modeling to the Gates Foundation’s ultimate goal of eradicating malaria.

If at first you don’t succeed

Last year, the president proposed dramatic reductions in fiscal year 2018 funding for federal programs that support global health. Congress wasn’t impressed and recommended funding levels much closer to the fiscal year 2017 levels instead. This year the administration doubled down, with a fiscal year 2019 proposal that again asks Congress for 30 percent cuts to global health. Hold strong, Congress!

Compare these federal funding figures with WGHA’s federal funding snapshot.

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