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Painless PrEP, Seattle’s Crystal ball, and WGHA’s Pioneers pictures

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Farsi, fútbol, and football

Sanjay Chheda travels frequently, for work and for fun (we’re not suggesting work isn’t fun). Field Notes tip: We recommend you snag an invitation to dinner when he is in Seattle because preparing Indian and Persian cuisine is Sanjay’s favorite version of relaxation.

Retired Col. David McCune grew up in tiny Prairie Grove, Arkansas, but after 20 years working at Madigan Army Medical Center, Washington is home. David’s a solid Seahawks, Sounders, and Mariners fan, and when he’s not cheering, he’s riding. You may have seen him in the pack of Seattle to Portland bikers.

We’re pleased to welcome Sanjay and David to the WGHA board in 2018!

Painless PrEP

Thanks to a new grant from USAID, PATH is working with people in Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda to advance a microarray patch that delivers HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis without the need for needles.

2 out of 3 ain’t bad

Do you believe health is a human right? Are you ready to work on the front lines? Are you between 21 and 30? Okay, fine … know anyone who can answer yes to all three of those questions? If so, make sure they check out applications for the Global Health Corps fellowship. Cofounded by WGHA girl crush Barbara Bush, this group is leading a health equity movement.

O Captain! My Captain!

VillageReach’s right-hand woman just stepped to the helm of the ship. Emily Bancroft will lead a global workforce of 170 people dedicated to taking health care to the last mile. Emily also joins a growing group of Global Health Seattleites commuting on the Bainbridge ferry—happy hour anyone?!

Crystal ball

Powerhouses at Seattle Children’sFred Hutch, and the University of Washington launched the $50 million Institute for Precision Medicine. They’re dedicated to making the crystal ball a reality—one that tells us what we’ll get sick from years before we do or what specific drugs our bodies will best respond to.

Common sense

WGHA’s founder and ten-year executive director, Lisa Cohen, joins Uncommon as a senior advisor. Lisa’s 25-year journalism career, paired with her unparalleled passion for connecting people who really should know each other, bring anything but common star power to Uncommon’s team. Get her on speed dial, now.

Water works

You may know that MSR Global Health helps bring clean water to communities with the SE200 Community Chlorine Maker. But did you know they’re moving downstream? Thanks to the Humanitarian Innovation Fund grant, MSR is working to bring clean water to individual households in the developing world, too. Bravo.


The Power of Communication

Those involved with global health know the power of reliable data and effective communication. Fox Rothschild is a law firm made up of knowledgeable attorneys who embrace that philosophy. With 800 attorneys in 22 offices coast to coast, we have the resources it takes to stay ahead of developments in the rapidly changing international legal landscape. We’re thought leaders, hosting more than 30 blogs, with contributors based in Seattle and across the country, designed to provide reliable guidance on pressing issues.

Find out what our attorneys are saying about topics that include Privacy Compliance & Data SecurityHIPAA & Health Information TechnologyImmigration, and more by clicking here.

Oops, we did it again

WGHA just launched another cohort of recent global health hires. And we hope you share an elevator ride with one of these 35 launchers, because they’ve got the perfect pitch. Here’s just a few from our second cohort: Philip Breesch with the Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationSierra Petrosky with Bloodworks Northwest, and a big crew of 11 new Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation staff, including researcher Benjamin Mayala.

Party people

We know global health work isn’t always glamorous. Maybe you’re rocking scrubs and safety goggles all day, trekking across rugged terrain to reach the most remote populations, or spending weekends in front of a computer screen to make sense of the data that drives us all.

WGHA’s Pioneers of Global Health Awards Dinner and Auction gives you a few hours off and celebrates the critical work you do every day. Whether you were with us or are suffering from a bad case of FOMO, you can see pictures from the party and the video on YouTube.

“CDC is the common defense of the country against health threats. If we’re going to be effective, then we have to be in the global health space.”

 — Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, CDC Director, speaking with WGHA
during her quick Seattle visit this week.

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A new name for a law firm with a long history serving
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