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Popping The Question, 13 Months Of Sunshine, And A Download From Davos

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Malawian midwives mentor

New moms in rural Malawi are getting better care thanks to a mentoring program that Partners In Health launched. PIH’s mentoring program is focused on nurses and midwives who provide the majority of care for moms in labor.

Popping the question

We’re not getting any younger, and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation knows it. Its new call for proposals aims to help us understand more about health and aging worldwide by funding one and two-year pilot research projects. Proposals are due January 31—make yours memorable!

Roll up your sleeves

Shout out to the legislature for passing Washington State’s capital budget. While school funding tops the list, the bill also includes funding for new bloodmobiles for Bloodworks Northwest. And as loyal blood donors get older, there’s a need for new, young blood (cue millennial readers and a more diverse donor pool—sign up to donate here).

The sun shines in January

SCOPE brings faith leaders and medical providers together. Their new fellows—Gifti AbboRoshan Kahtri, and Rebekah Maldonado-Nofziger—are on their way to their field assignments improving health equity in Ethiopia, famous for 13 months of sunshine.

Download from Davos

The battle’s on between some of the world’s richest and some of nature’s deadliest. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Carlos Slim Foundation, and the Inter-American Development Bank announced a $180 million plan to eliminate malaria in Central America. Together, these forces hope to say hasta luego to the deadly disease, from Guatemala to Panama.


Doing business for the greater good

Visceral crafts brands and websites for the world’s leading causes. As a certified B corporation, Visceral is proud to partner with changemakers across the globe to strengthen their communications both online and off. Are you ready to unleash ideas that move people? Contact the team at Visceral.

Do you squeeze from the middle?

Scientists from Cambridge University found that triclosan, a common ingredient in toothpaste, may be more effective in the fight against malaria than we thought. The best part? It doesn’t even matter how you squeeze your tube. (What does your toothpaste say about you?)

Leadership line-up

RTI International named Amy Sink Davies as the VP of Food Security & Agriculture following a 16-year USAID tenure working in DC and abroad. And Matt Vaughan steps in as the new President of Batelle’s Contract Research Organization bringing expertise in national security, life sciences, and public health.


“This is an unusual idea – that the military would have something to offer the global health community.”

–  COL David McCune (retired), speaking about collaboration with military and global health leaders at WGHA’s roundtable event.

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