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Washington win, Elaine’s reign, and a match made in heaven

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Move over, Old Blue Eyes

There’s a new Chairman of the Board. Gabrielle Fitzgerald is the first woman to pick up the gavel as WGHA Board Chair.

Gab lived in Geneva, near the Swiss Alps, and as founder and CEO of Panorama, she takes on mountain-sized problems. But her favorite mountains are the ones she’s skiing down with her husband and daughters.

Emerald city

Erin McCarthy, program officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, joins WGHA’s Board. Erin’s been in the Emerald City several years, but it might be that Emerald Isle bloodline that’s led to scuba diving, exploring, and travel.

Mo’ money, fewer (global) problems

CDC released a funding map as part of its work on antibiotic resistance. In what should be a surprise to no one, the vast majority of CDC’s funding for global AMR work is awarded to recipients in Washington.

Mind the gap

The Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF) hopes to narrow the money gap between promising vaccines and diagnostics for diseases that largely affect low-income populations, like chikungunya. GHIF is putting money into finding a vaccine.

The name chikungunya is often attributed to Swahili, but it actually comes from the Makonde language. Store that for your global health trivia night.

Hear us roar

You’ve FaceTimed with your kid (or dog) eight time zones away, you’ve navigated gender politics at work, and you have a set of “in-country” clothes ready to go—it’s not your first safari. Join us on February 1, when we join forces with Global Washington to explore issues women who work in global health and development sometimes need to navigate. Learn from our awesome panel, meet other women in the field, and add your voice to our roar.


Doing business for the greater good

Visceral crafts brands and websites for the world’s leading causes. As a certified B corporation, Visceral is proud to partner with changemakers across the globe to strengthen their communications both online and off. Are you ready to unleash ideas that move people? Contact the team at Visceral.

Science in the city

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to be more inspired, consider adding this monthly global health series to your calendar. The Pacific Science Center is bringing global health scientists to share their work with the public. The series launched with Fred Hutch’s Dr. Manoj Menon sharing the global burden of cancer, the UCI-Fred Hutch Cancer Centre in Kampala, and the Max Foundation/ Fred Hutch partnership to make testing for CML much, much easier. Innovation to Impact, featuring Beth Kolko from the University of Washington is the next event on Feb. 13.

Elaine’s reign

After four years creating PATH’s global corporate engagement strategy, Elaine Gibbons was named PATH’s new vice president for Global Engagement and Communications. Given her multi-sector experience and perspective, we know you would want Elaine in your boardroom. But here’s a hint – you should also put her on your party guest list. She’s one of those rare breeds that wants to see both the Sounders and the symphony.

Call me shadchan

MSR Global Health is partnering with VIA Global Health to take MSR’s community chlorine maker to communities that need it most. One of our favorite jobs is playing matchmaker, and with MSR Global Health’s device and VIA Global Health’s Africa distribution network, it’s a match made in heaven.

“Being an optimist doesn’t mean you ignore tragedy and injustice. It means you’re inspired to look for people making progress on those fronts, and to help spread that progress more widely.”

– Bill Gates, writing as the first-ever guest editor for TIME magazine

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