The Max Foundation

Board Member & Treasurer

Roles and Responsibilities of
Board Members & Treasurer
The Max Foundation / MaxAid

Group and individual responsibilities
As a body, the board:

  1. Collaborates with the CEO to determine the organization’s mission, reviews and approves
    organizational strategies and goals, and reviews progress in implementing strategies and achieving goals.
  2. Selects, supports, and reviews the performance of the organization’s CEO, and approves her compensation.
  3. Builds and protects organizational resources though assisting and participating in fundraising efforts and providing appropriate financial oversight. Oversight includes:
    1. approving the annual budget and ensuring that adequate financial controls are in place.
    2. approving an independent accounting firm to perform the annual audit(s) and receiving the annual audited financial statements.
  4. Reviews and approves major program initiatives and services, assuring a balance between the board’s overall duty of care and the staff’s responsibility to creatively initiate and implement programs.
  5. Monitors organizational compliance with key legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations.
  6. Approves any changes to the organization’s bylaws and articles of incorporation, and the establishment of new affiliates and subsidiaries.
  7. Assesses its performance and builds a strong board through recruiting and electing effective new board members and officers.
  8. Aims to maintain a diverse Board of Directors to reflect the diverse communities we serve.

Each individual board member is expected to:

  1. Serve as an energetic ambassador and networker for organization in his/her spheres of influence.
  2. Adhere to accepted codes of ethics and governance and complete an annual Conflict of Interest questionnaire.
  3. Attend four board meetings annually (in-person or virtual meetings).
  4. Undertake at least one committee assignment.
  5. Devote additional time to organization activities as requested and able.
  6. Make an annual gift or multi-year gift at a level that represents a strong commitment to the organization, commensurate with personal capability and the annual give/get goal.

Treasurer Role and Responsibilities

  1. The Treasurer shall monitor the financial position and results of operation of the Corporation as reported by management, and will regularly report to the board observations regarding such position and results.
  2. The Treasurer will chair the Finance Committee which also meets quarterly in addition to regular board meetings.
  3. Draft and present the Treasurer’s report and the organizations state of finances at board meetings and other times as appropriate. The Treasurer will present to the board the annual budget, and the annual audit reports.
  4. Assist Board members in understanding financial data and appropriate interpretation of financial statements.

Treasurer is one of four Board Officers. The other three are:

Board President / Chair – The Board President is the head of the board of directors and is responsible for ensuring that the board fulfils its regulatory and fiduciary duties efficiently. The Board President presides over board meetings and works with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to prepare meeting agendas. The Board President appoints chairs of committee and assigns committee membership. S/he communicates with all board members to ensure that each board committee is operating suitably. The Board President coordinates CEO contract negotiation and supervision, including the annual performance evaluation.
Vice President /Vice Chair — The Vice President performs the duties of the Board President in the event that the Board President cannot do so. The Vice President assists that President to ensure meeting and other Board activities process smoothly.
Board Secretary – The Board Secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes of the Board meeting and ensuring that all corporate records are maintained according to provisions of the Bylaws and in compliance with state law.

Term Commitment

The term of office for each director is three (3) years and until his or her successor has been duly elected and qualified. The term of office for each Officer is (1) year renewal up to (3) years.

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