Medical Teams International

Callback/Resulting RN

This position supports the Covid-19 response in providing timely, comprehensive, professional, data-driven and patient centered resulting and public health education for clients receiving Covid-19 tests through Medical Teams’ testing clinics.

Job Responsibilities
  • Provide timely patient resulting callbacks as assigned.
  • Together with the Reporting Team Clinic Manager, ensure that all patients with a positive test result are phoned within 2-4 hours of result registering in Atlas.
  • Together with Reporting Team Clinic Manager, ensure that all results are entered into callback spreadsheets in a timely manner & that spreadsheet is updated and maintained.
  • Support the Reporting Team Clinic Manager to provide training and guidance for resulting team to ensure that all team members are equipped to provide patient resulting and are equipped to respond to patient inquires as they relate to Covid-19.
  • Support the Reporting Team Clinic Manager to provide up to date public health education, instructions regarding I&Q and community resources as able for all clients.
  • Manage and respond to all clinical questions and concerns that cannot be addressed by non-clinical members of the reporting team as assigned by team manager.
  • Notify team manager of any concerns or questions that require escalation or further support.
  • Monitor HIPAA compliance, ensuring that all patient health information is protected during resulting and callbacks.
  • Use a patient-centered approach to offer compassionate, holistic, trauma-informed care for all clients whom you interact.
  • Support the Safeguarding of program participants and employees through promoting an environment of awareness and upholding the code of conduct provisions of Medical Teams Protection from Sexual Exploitation & Abuse, Child & Vulnerable Adult protection, and harassment-free workplace policies.

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