Medical Teams International

Covid-19 Clinic Assistant

As member of the mobile COVID-19 testing team, the Clinic Assistant serves as the first point of contact for patients. This position ensures documentation is complete and entered into the tracking system. They provide a warm welcome to each client and promote linguistically and culturally appropriate services by collaborating with the individual, case workers, and personnel to register patients at the testing clinic and answer questions about the testing and patient navigation through the clinic. This individual works with a team to reach high-risk and underserved populations with prompt COVID-19 testing and education. The Clinic Assistant also assists by labeling and preparing supplies, acting as a courier to transport samples from the testing area to the refrigerator, and assisting with patient navigation at the testing site. The clinic assistant adheres to current guidelines and best practices for COVID-19 testing, PPE usage, and hygiene protocols.



  • Greet patients and assist them in navigating through the testing site.
  • Record patient details manually, when necessary.
  • Provide COVID-19 education and encourage community members to participate in testing.
  • Assist with labeling and preparing of testing kits.
  • Assist team members with COVID testing and education for Self-Swabbing COVID clinics.
  • Perform COVID testing registration and other required information collection with the use of a computer or other electronic device.
  • Serve as courier to transport samples from the testing area to the refrigerator or pre-assigned cooler.
  • Follow all infection, prevention and control policies and procedures, ensures that no cross contamination occurs during transport of specimens.
  • Assist testing professional to provide contactless transfer of specimen kit before and after testing.
  • Ensure proper disposal of waste (biohazard versus non-biohazard).
  • Assist testing professional in confirming that all lab and specimen labels are printed with the correct patient identifiers.
  • Support safeguarding of program participants and employees through promoting an environment of awareness and upholding the code of conduct provisions of Medical Teams Protection from Sexual Exploitation & Abuse, Child & Vulnerable Adult protection, and harassment-free workplace policies.
  • Support with set-up and take-down of clinic tents and supplies.