Medical Teams International

COVID-19 Program Support Officer

The COVID-19 Program Support Officer contributes to the calling of Medical Teams International by providing program support for the US COVID-19 Response Manager and US Programs Executive Director, as well as support for the US Programs COVID-19 Response team when requested. Areas of involvement include administrative support, support to the Human Resources Team with volunteers, partnership building, finance support, safety & security support, data management, proposal support, policy compliance support, and emergency response/surge capacity support for field clinics and activities. This is a limited duration position and requires up to 40% travel on short notice.

See below for essential duties and here for the full job description.


Program Planning:

  • In collaboration with the US Programs department managers and staff, carry out the calling and aspirational goals. 
  • Support the Response Team in their analysis, pre-positioning, and initiation of response clinics, activities and programs with note taking, tracking action items, as well as ensuring program metrics are accurately reported and tracked.

Program Support:

  • Collaborate closely with   US COVID-19 Response Manager, Program Managers, and Clinic Managers to support the planning, implementation, and monitoring of response programs.
  • Assist and support Program Managers and other staff with the scheduling of sites, staff, volunteers, and equipment for clinic activities.
  • Ensure clinic data is entered accurately in CRM and online calendar, both for scheduling and closing clinics.
  • Support US COVID-19 Response Manager to ensure monitoring, evaluation, and learning occurs with regard to planned and implemented programs and conduct field visits as needed for monitoring and to support reporting.
  • Travel to clinic sites for project and team development, as well as provide immediate surge capacity and support as needed.
  • Participate in and manage specific tasks related to annual planning, including budget information, team planning, cross-departmental coordination, and calendars.
  • Support the development of concept notes and proposals, working closely with the Program Managers, Marketing and Development team, Logistics, Finance, HR, and IS Teams.
  • Support development of response reports and program information for organization’s use, including internal databases.
  • Support the Response Manager in ensuring that all program goals, activities, and personnel demonstrate commitment to national and state standards and requirements such as CDC, OSHA, HIPAA etc.
  • Provide operational and administrative support – including logistics, finance, local hiring, contract routing, and fundraising.  
  • Provide support on initiating and payment of contracts (for trainers, service providers, consultants etc.) according to Finance procedures.  

Human Resources Collaboration:

  • Liaise with the Human Resources Team to provide additional support to volunteer medical and non-medical personnel during the response, including the preparation of culturally relevant team briefing manuals, security briefs and orientation handouts.
  • Collaborate, consult, and communicate effectively with all stakeholders throughout the recruitment lifecycle of volunteers through supporting Human Resources to maximize their recruitment productivity.
  • Collaborate with the Human Resources Team to ensure that volunteers are selected, trained, oriented, deployed, and debriefed according to Medical Teams’ standards.
  • Maintain email lists and group list for the volunteer pool, as well as research, produce, organize, and send various materials to the roster.
  • Work with the Human Resources Team to support review of volunteer performance and feedback to and from the organization.
  • Prepare reports on teams and activities as requested.
  • Demonstrate and encourage others to demonstrate Medical Teams’ core values: Courageous, Tenacious, Accountable, Selfless, and Not Alone.
  • Support Medical Team’s values of accountability, 360-degree feedback, safeguarding and transparency.
  • Participate in staff selection processes, such as recruitment and onboarding, as requested by US COVID-19 Response Manager.
  • Create a culture of shared learning and professional development within the team.


  • Assist the US COVID-19 Response Manager and leadership in developing partnership relationships and creating MOUs and budgets for partners.
  •  Participate in process to provide new grants for partners or joint responses by supporting the development of project proposals, MOUs, payments and reports for monitoring process.
  • Help solve problems pertaining to partnerships and joint responses. Keep relevant managers informed.

Communication and Networking:

  • Provide excellent customer service in all contact with volunteers, colleagues, partners, clinics, and the general public.
  • Support US COVID-19 Response Manager to communicate with other Medical Teams departments including: Marketing and Development, Finance and Administration, and Human Resources.
  • In coordination with relevant departments, cultivate relationships with potential volunteers, churches, civic groups, donors and institutions.
  • Liaise with the Marketing and Development Department to review all outgoing media communications, maintaining close communication with the US COVID-19 Response Manager throughout this process.


  • Coordinate closely with Medical Teams’ logistics staff and the Medical Health Product (MHP) team to help procure product as well as plan, mobilize and distribute GIK medical support to response program.


  • Liaise with Finance & Administrative team to ensure accurate and timely financial data, including follow-up on expense reports.
  •  Support the COVID-19 Response Manager in the creation, management, and tracking of budgets.

Safety and Security:

  • Support US COVID-19 Response Team in management of incident reports and analysis, as requested.
  • Assist with the filing and logging of incident reports with the Facilities and Safety Specialist.

Compliance and Technical Quality:

  • Support clinic teams to be compliant with state laws and policies, standards and best practices, and with Medical Teams International’s internal policies and procedures.
  • Support safeguarding of program participants and employees through promoting an environment of awareness and upholding the code of conduct provisions of Medical Teams Protection from Sexual Exploitation & Abuse, Child & Vulnerable Adult protection, and harassment-free workplace policies.
  • Coordinate closely with technical experts on issues of technical quality, where appropriate.

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