Medical Teams International

Field Coordinator Consultancy, Ethiopia


Expectations for this short-term contract are outlined broadly in this agreement. This role with Medical Teams is a dynamic one and undertaken in a resource-challenged setting, thus this position requires flexibility. The broad outline of activities offered below recognizes that details may change in order to address needs identified in the field. Activities enumerated below are to be undertaken in Ethiopia between 30 April 2021 – 30 July 2021 

The consultant will serve in the role of Field Coordinator for a maximum duration of up to 90 days (with expected hours per week of 40 hours or more) The consultant will be flexible, able to manage time; and, be prepared to tackle other tasks commensurate with role, and level of experience, on short notice.  


The goal of the Field Coordinator is to provide leadership to the Medical Teams – Northern Ethiopia office and response startup, specifically in relation to the Tigray Ethiopia crisis and response design and program startup.    


Tasks likely to be undertaken:  

  • Oversee scale-up of program startup of health services and establishment of HR, Finance, IT and Logs support functions and staff according to best practice and the Medical Teams Field Operations Manual.  

  • Ensure humanitarian needs and context are regularly analyzed and approach adapted in consultation with Humanitarian Response Team Director and Health Advisor.  

  • Support Addis level liaison with donors to identify funding and submit proposals, and directly engage donors in northern Ethiopia.  

  • Oversee establishment of new health response through negotiation with local authorities (MoH, local government and coordination entities and other NGOs), design of org charts, hiring and training of new staff and begin implementation activities as a part of direct health services, health systems strengthening or community systems strengthening.  

  • Establish strong partnership relationships with other NGOs and local partners.  

  • Provide bi-weekly sitreps to headquarters and input into HQ Response Management meetings.  

  • Ensure that beneficiary tracking platforms and accountability mechanisms are established.  

  • Collaborate with response leadership to monitor work plans, identify, and complete other relevant response startup tasks.  

  • Ensures the Safeguarding of program participants and employees through promoting an environment of awareness and upholding the code of conduct provisions of Medical Teams Protection from Sexual Exploitation & Abuse, and Child & Vulnerable Adult protection, and Employee Code of Conduct policies. 

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