Fred Hutch

Hutch Teacher Fellowship

Program Description

This two-year professional development research experience provides exceptional secondary STEM teachers with an in-depth research lab experience while partnering with them to develop cancer-focused curricular materials.

Program Length: The fellowship provides support for two summers of research, with additional school year follow-up.

Application Deadline: March 31, 2019


  • Middle or high school science teacher
  • Currently employed and teaching science
  • Interested in learning more about cancer research and related careers
  • Willing to collaborate to develop cancer-related curriculum in conjunction with Fred Hutch scientists/education staff and other Hutch Fellowship teachers
  • Commit to piloting lessons with students and to developing lesson revisions
  • Commit to the entire duration of the program
  • Past SEP teachers are encouraged to apply

Financial Information

The total funds available for the 2-year fellowship are $20,000/teacher. After successful completion of each summer of the program, teachers will receive an $8,000 award to offset lost work opportunities. An additional $2,000 is available at the end of each school year and is dependent on completion of school year activities (piloting and revising curriculum). Additionally, parking/transportation costs will be covered up to a maximum of $600/year. Funds for meals or lodging are not provided.

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