Benaroya Research Institute

Postdoctoral Research Associate


The Long Lab is a translational immunology lab focused on better understanding underlying mechanisms of the autoimmune disease, type 1 diabetes. This is done by performing mechanistic studies associated with clinical trials and in-depth studies using clinical samples.  In fact, we have been involved in the majority of studies cited in a recent Science T1D special section review (Science 373, 510-516, 2021).  This position provides the unique opportunity to focus on mechanistic studies associated with additional clinical trials in T1D targeting T cells or cytokine pathways.


The Postdoctoral Research Associate conducts independent biomedical research relevant to defining mechanisms underlying response to therapy.  This will include multiple trials targeting a range of cell types and pathways with a focus on advanced single cell analyses.

Duties include:

  • Design and perform experiments and analysis relevant to therapeutic targets and immune profiles of response
  • Use advanced, high dimensional cytometry and transcriptional techniques
  • Work with the Bioinformatics team at BRI to design and perform advanced single cell analyses
  • Work closely with the Human Immunophenotyping Core
  • Collaborate with leaders in the field of autoimmunity
  • Publish papers, write grants and present findings at meeting
  • Opportunity to supervise support staff in the lab


  • The Postdoctoral Research Associate is a team-player who welcomes challenges and wants to grow as a translational biologist
  • Recent or anticipated PhD, MD or MD/PhD in Immunology or a related field and experience in tissue culture, cellular and molecular techniques
  • Prefer experience with cytometry and large data-sets

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