Launch of Washington’s Global Health Landscape Study

Washington is the most trade-dependent state per capita in the U.S. We’ve built a great reputation for our planes, food and timber, but Washington state’s greatest export may be hiding in plain sight. It could be argued that our greatest export is the research, funding, education and delivery of health innovations for those most in need. Millions of lives have been saved through the work of Washington’s global health community, many of which are WGHA members.

For the state, that translates into doing well and doing good. While it may seem incongruous to talk about economic impact in the same breath as global health work, data on jobs, revenues and growth help make the case for more support from the biggest funder – the U.S. government – in the form of NIH, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the State Department and USAID.

With that in mind, in September WGHA will release the first comprehensive economic impact analysis of the global health sector since 2007 called the “Washington Global Health Landscape Study.” The study captures the broad array of organizations in our state including non-profits, philanthropies, biotechs, research institutions and government agencies who contribute and partner to provide access to good health both internationally and here at home. The statistics are impressive. One example, more than 2,000 global health jobs have been added in the past year representing a compound annual growth rate of 4.4%, compared to the state’s 1.1%.

That’s just a teaser. We invite you to learn more at the public launch of the Washington Global Health Landscape Study on September 11th at the Discovery Center in South Lake Union in Seattle from 11am-1pm.

At this launch event we will outline the data, the breadth of the sector and the forecast for the future. Join us for conversations with Phyllis Campbell, Chairman of Pacific Northwest for JP Morgan Chase, Steve Davis, President and CEO, PATH, and Washington state Senator Cyrus Habib about the potential and the challenges for the coming years. WGHA is grateful to JP Morgan Chase for its generous support of this project.

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