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Post: A new season for global health leadership

This is commencement season—that bittersweet time of year bookended with adventures ending and new journeys beginning. This month, the University of Washington Department of Global Health and Washington State University’s Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health honor the class of 2016. Hundreds of graduates signal a steadily growing commitment to global health by … Continued

Post: On the verge of eradicating—but will we?

This is a special partnership of Global Washington and the Washington Global Health Alliance to spotlight the work of the global health community in our state in the race to wipe out infectious disease. Want to learn more about polio, Guinea worm, and malaria? Take a look at Global Washington’s issue brief. To date, only … Continued

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Post: National Recognition for Washington’s Global Health Community

Washington’s uniquely collaborative global health community was recently featured in The New York Times, The Chronicle of Philanthropy and Geekwire. The New York Times April 8, 2016 “A study sponsored last year by the Washington Global Health Alliance said that global health — a mix of research, logistics and manufacturing — now accounts for more … Continued

Post: Rewarding global health contributions

In her 2015 remarks to the World Health Assembly, Margaret Chan, WHO director-general, said, “We have good reason to expect great things from public health, with the value it places on equity and the contribution it makes to social stability and cohesion. We have good reason to be ambitious.” We’re fortunate in Washington State—we have … Continued

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Post: Curating space to spur innovation

It’s the year 2020 and we’ve finally done it—we’ve created a malaria vaccine. So will malaria be wiped out? Probably not. We know that creating a vaccine is only part of solving malaria. Make no mistake, it’s a very important part (just ask Bill Gates, who calls vaccines miracles). But a vaccine alone can’t eradicate … Continued

Post: Partnering to solve our next big challenge

Zika is the latest virus to capture the world’s attention. Though Zika has been around since the 1940s, we really don’t know much about it. It may be connected to microcephaly and Guillaine-Barre. There is no medication or drug for treatment. Fear often drives funding. Now there are proposals in Congress to take some of … Continued

Post: New business models for global health sustainability

It’s the hot ticket this time of year. The World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland attracts the world’s business executives, government leaders, celebrities, philanthropists, activists and even non-profit leaders. In recent years, there’s been an increasing focus on public-private partnerships. WEF kicked off this week with a major partnership announcement — a $5 million … Continued

Post: A 2015 Global Health Retrospective from WGHA

As a staff we at WGHA look back on 2015 with gratitude. These are a few of our favorite numbers as we reflect on 2015 at the Washington Global Health Alliance…  1 State governor who convened a Global Health and Life Science Advisory Council (yes, it’s in Washington and we’re co-chairing it)   168 Washington organizations … Continued

Post: A healthy, thriving global health ecosystem has to include mentorship

Editor’s note: Tina Vlasaty joined WGHA as deputy director in February 2015. Prior to joining WGHA, Ms. Vlasaty spent 20 years working in community and economic development, working both for community based organizations and local government. Her experience includes organizational development, finance, program and policy development, and collaboration and outreach. Global health technologies are, by … Continued

Post: World Toilet Day Movement (ahem)

In case you’ve avoided social media today, we’re in the midst of World Toilet Day. Yes, toilets have their own day. But seriously, let’s take a moment to pause and recognize that 2.4 billion people do not have adequate water, sanitation and hygiene around the world. SPLASH’s approach to clean drinking water brings market-ready solutions … Continued