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Privacy Policy   The Washington Global Health Alliance is committed to protecting the privacy and rights of our website visitors. This privacy policy is intended to make clear the ways that may collect, store, protect, and make use of information. The Washington Global Health Alliance commits to only retain information for as long as … Continued

Malaria No More

Post: Nine Journalists Win Press Fellowship To Seattle Fellows To Report On The Future Of The Malaria Fight & What It Will Take To End The Disease For Good

SEATTLE, WA – September 26, 2016 – Malaria No More and the Washington Global Health Alliance today announced the winners of a new press fellowship, “Innovating to End Malaria.” The three-day fellowship in Seattle, Washington will give journalists the opportunity to learn about the progress and challenges in the malaria fight from some of the … Continued

Post: A CEO’s tips for global health organizations to better partner with companies

“Global Health, Inc.” In discussions about corporate engagement in global public health, I often hear this phrase used with real concern. While there is reason to be vigilant—we’ve seen corporations with cynical motivation and sometimes dangerous proposals—we’re fooling ourselves and shortchanging the people we hope to serve if we dismiss any such partnership on its … Continued


Post: Three pioneers you need to know in our global health community

Ask any millennial which global health figure inspires them most and chances are it’s Dr. Paul Farmer, cofounder of Partners In Health and subject of Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains. Dr. Farmer’s story sparks new careers on a regular basis. I should know because I’m one of those millennials moved to pursue global health because … Continued

Antimicrobial Resistance Coalition

Post: Washington Antimicrobial Resistance Coalition

The recent appearance of a drug-resistant “superbug” in the U.S. is a wake-up call. It is the latest sign we need a different approach to protecting the efficacy of the antibiotics that modern medicine relies on. Washington State is home to 168 nonprofits, businesses and other entities working on global health projects throughout the world … Continued

Blueprint Regional Global Health Alliances

Post: A Blueprint for Collaboration

I got an email this week from a colleague at PATH. She was writing to several organizations about a funding opportunity for a project in Kenya. Here’s what makes the note interesting: Her organization didn’t want to be the lead contractor; instead, she thought it made sense for them to partner with others to support … Continued

Congressional Zika Briefing

Post: WGHA and IHME host Zika briefing for Congressional Staff

Zika Virus: A brief overview and its potential impact on public health Wednesday, July 6th, the Washington Global Health Alliance and the Institute for Health and Metrics Evaluation (IHME) will host a briefing for congressional staff on “Zika Virus: A brief overview and its potential impact on public health.” This informal briefing, held in collaboration … Continued

Post: A new season for global health leadership

This is commencement season—that bittersweet time of year bookended with adventures ending and new journeys beginning. This month, the University of Washington Department of Global Health and Washington State University’s Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health honor the class of 2016. Hundreds of graduates signal a steadily growing commitment to global health by … Continued

Post: On the verge of eradicating—but will we?

This is a special partnership of Global Washington and the Washington Global Health Alliance to spotlight the work of the global health community in our state in the race to wipe out infectious disease. Want to learn more about polio, Guinea worm, and malaria? Take a look at Global Washington’s issue brief. To date, only … Continued