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CIDR Panel with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Post: Eventful month in global health

Wow. What a month! A stirring address from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia. A few days later, a high-spirited celebration of our global health community’s progress over the past year at WGHA’s Pioneers of Global Health. Let’s start with the Pioneers of Global Health Awards dinner. It isn’t often that we have a chance … Continued

Mark Rosenberg Landscape Study Launch

Post: Washington’s enormous global health impact

168 organizations working in 151 countries on more than 5000 projects. That is Washington state’s contribution to health worldwide. Tens of millions of lives saved. These are just a few highlights from the Washington Global Health Landscape Study released last week by WGHA. This study confirms that global health is one of this state’s greatest … Continued

Post: Launch of Washington’s Global Health Landscape Study

Washington is the most trade-dependent state per capita in the U.S. We’ve built a great reputation for our planes, food and timber, but Washington state’s greatest export may be hiding in plain sight. It could be argued that our greatest export is the research, funding, education and delivery of health innovations for those most in … Continued

Post: Three easy ways to get involved in global health

What can I do to help? That’s the question we field many times a week from many of you. This summer, there’s an easy answer. You can run. Or walk. Even go to a soccer game. Read on to learn how here. Thanks to the Seattle Sounders FC, there are three tangible things you can … Continued

Post: Bridging biotech and global health

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you’re both speaking English, but not using words and phrases that make sense? That’s what it can be like for companies entering the global health arena. I remember an executive from a Fortune 100 company standing up at a global health conference a few years ago … Continued

Post: Landmark month for global health in Seattle

Wow. May has been a banner month for global health. The Uganda Cancer Institute-Fred Hutch Cancer Centre opens today. Seattle Biomed re-branded as the Center for Infectious Disease Research and is spearheading a petition drive for more federal support for health research. The Seattle Sounders announced that their first annual “Rave Green Run” will support … Continued

Post: The power of unexpected partnerships

At WGHA we often talk about the power of unexpected partnerships that allow new breakthroughs. Sometimes a new partnership can be found by working with a familiar organization approached through a different door. The Department of Defense funds a tremendous amount of global health research, including work in the Pacific Northwest. It’s an important potential … Continued

Post: Faith and Impact

We’re a little giddy after Sunday’s Seattle Seahawks come-from-behind football game. Four days later, it’s still the first topic at every meeting and conference call. I think we relish it so much because it’s rare that positive experiences are shared by such a huge cross-section of community. Sports can be such a great equalizer. After … Continued