Blueprint for Building a Regional Global Health Alliance

Blueprint Regional Global Health Alliances

Lessons learned from Washington state

Washington state is a hub for global health. In 2015, the Washington Global Health Alliance’s Washington Global Health Landscape Study tallied 168 organizations with nearly 13,000 employees working on more than 5,000 projects in 151 countries.

In 2007, state global health leaders formed the Washington Global Health Alliance to strategically connect and strengthen the community. The interconnectivity of Washington’s global health community has greatly increased as a result of WGHA.

WGHA’s key accomplishments:

As a result of WGHA, members report:

  • stronger partnerships
  • fewer redundant initiatives
  • increased effectiveness

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation approached WGHA to document what’s worked and what hasn’t so other regions can consider whether a regional global health alliance would be beneficial.

The Blueprint for Building a Regional Global Health Alliance provides:

  • a framework for creating a regional global health alliance
  • useful examples of WGHA’s greatest value-add projects
  • early case studies from efforts to start global health alliance’s in Georgia and California

Nearly a decade of work is condensed into this thirty six page study and it’s freely available for you to download.
Sample the Blueprint by reading the four page Executive Summary.
Reading time 60-75 minutes.

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