STEM Global Code Cracking Curriculum

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This lesson is intended to be integrated into a High School Biology genetics unit and allows students to investigate and understand that cancer is a result of an accumulation of mutations in the genes that control cell proliferation. Cancer has a global impact, impacting lives around the world. However, cancer (both rates of incidences and cancer related deaths) disproportionately affects people in different countries of the globe. Students will learn about risk factors and prevention strategies to help them unpack some of the reasons for these disparities. In the culminating mini-project, students will conduct online research on the global disparities of cancer by investigating either a type of cancer across multiple countries/regions or the rates of different types of cancer in a single country/region. Optional extension activities are included.

Lesson Resources

Cover Sheet – Word Document PDF

Lesson Plan – Word Document  PDF

Code Cracking Slide Deck

Cancer True and False Slide Deck

Student Handouts

Handout: Vocabulary Terms – PDF

Handout: Cancer True or False? – PDF

Handout: Protein Synthesis – PDF

Handout: Mutation Practice – PDF

Online Resource: Say It With DNA Messages

Handout: SES Status and Cancer – PDF

Handout: Global Cancer Disparities – PDF

Handout: Global Cancer Mini-Project – PDF

Handout: Global Health Careers – PDF

Online Resource: LinkTree of Web Resources for Lesson  

Teacher Keys and Rubrics

Teacher Answer Key: Cancer True or False? –   PDF

Teacher Answer Key: Protein Synthesis – PDF

Teacher Answer Key: Mutation Practice – PDF

Teacher Answer Key: Global Cancer Disparities – PDF

Scoring Rubric: Global Cancer Mini-Project – PDF