Press Release

Washington Global Health Alliance Welcomes New Board Chair and Members

February 8, 2018 (Seattle, Wash.)—The Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA), created to connect and inform Washington’s global health community, is pleased to welcome its new board chair and five new board members to the 2018 WGHA Governance Board.

WGHA’s new Chairman of the Board, Gabrielle Fitzgerald, gaveled in the first 2018 Governance Board meeting today. Gabrielle is the founder and CEO of Panorama, an action tank working to solve global problems, and she will serve as WGHA’s Board chair for two years.

WGHA also welcomes five new Board members:

  • Sanjay Chheda, Vice President of Corporate Development, Intellectual Ventures;
  • Erin McCarthy, Program Officer, Office of the President of the Global Development Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;
  • COL David McCune (retired), Medical Director, 98point6;
  • R. Prabha, Global Health Advocate; and
  • Paul Shoemaker, Senior Consultant, Author and Speaker, Paul Shoemaker Inc.

“I am delighted that Gabrielle Fitzgerald, the first woman to pick up the WGHA Board Chair gavel, is leading the Alliance into our second decade. And I’m thrilled to welcome five new members who are skilled and deeply respected in their fields,” says WGHA President & CEO, Dena Morris. “WGHA kicks off 2018 with a strong board of directors leading the global health community in Washington.”

“For our new and returning board members, it’s an honor to work with you as we take WGHA into its second decade connecting and informing Washington’s global health community.”

About the Washington Global Health Alliance

WGHA connects and informs Washington’s global health community, creating a culture of collaboration at home so our members can have more impact in the world. The first organization of its kind, WGHA was founded in 2007 and today has more than 80 members working to achieve health equity. Learn more at www.wghalliance.org.