WGHA’s top 10 of 2016

As a staff we look back on 2016 in gratitude.

In this, our final note of the year, we reflect on a few of our favorite memories, including forging successful partnerships, publishing The Blueprint: Building Regional Global Health Alliances, appreciating time with generous volunteers, and of course celebrating our Pioneers of Global Health Awards.

If you’re reading this note, chances are you’ve been a part of those moments. We want to thank you for a wonderful year of partnership, and we can’t wait to make an even greater impact in 2017.

New York Times article highlighting Washington's global health leadership"For Some Top Nonprofits, Changing the World Begins in Seattle," April 8, 2016. Read more
Outstanding Pioneers of Global Health awardeesLearn about our 2016 winners
Interactions logged benefiting our members (including partnership introductions, speaker recommendations, and job placements) Want to be in the network? Join WGHA
Leaders who attended regional global health alliance workshops in Washington, DC, and Palo Alto, CA Read our Blueprint: Building a Regional Global Health Alliance
Pioneering Women volunteers who supported planning the 2016 Pioneers of Global Health Awards Dinner and AuctionSee who they are
Participants in WGHA's thematic roundtables on malaria, global health policy, logistics management, antimicrobial resistance, and communications If you want to participate in upcoming thematic roundtables, consider WGHA membership
Events WGHA coproduced with partners, including the Wellcome Trust, World Affairs Council, Urban Land Institute, and Life Science Innovation Northwest—Washington's global health community hosted 91 events in 2016 Attend an event
Global health ventures participating in the Washington Innovator Network mentorship program—a partnership of Life Science Washington and WGHALearn more
Songs used in WGHA's Pioneers of Global Health: Musical Year in ReviewSee the performance
Staffers who are grateful for your partnership in 2016Join us for a great 2017