WGHA sparks collaboration to advance global health goals

Washington is a major hub of global health innovation, with a diverse array of foundations, research institutions, nonprofits, and life sciences companies.

We connect these organizations and give them a collective voice.

We create opportunities for our members to build connections and share information and expertise.



We host topic-based forums that can lead to partnerships and collaborative projects. Topics range from Ebola research to Big Data, human resource challenges, and global health communications.



We highlight our members’ work and document the impact of Washington’s global health sector to encourage funding and government support and give our members insight into how they might work together.


Building Capacity

As global health issues become more complex, we help organizations productively share intellectual, technical, and organizational resources so each can achieve more with limited resources.

Programs and Initiatives

We create programs and initiatives that address the needs of our members and the global health sector as a whole. These include conferences, working groups, briefings for elected officials and business leaders, impact studies, and public forums.