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Meeting with Governor Gregoire 2006
A need for change

In 2007, the founders of what would become WGHA approach the governor and top leaders of Washington’s major global health organizations and the University of Washington about the idea of a formal alliance.

The alliance forms

Later that year, WGHA launches with six members: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, PATH, University of Washington, Washington State University, the Center for Infectious Disease Research, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Spotlight on global health

In 2008, we successfully make global health the focus of the Greater Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce’s Regional Leadership Conference and energize the business and political communities around global health, leading to a number of new initiatives.

A nexus of partnerships

A key initiative emerging from the 2008 conference is Global Health Nexus—a month-long public celebration of progress at Seattle Center in 2012 that features Melinda Gates and includes interactive exhibits, workshops for millennials, and partnership roundtables.

A powerful tool

We create our first Strategic Mapping Portfolio in 2009, capturing data on the work of our nine executive members. It identifies 480 projects in 92 countries and raises the profile of the state’s global health sector.

Expanding awareness

In 2015, we produce an economic impact study of the state’s global health sector that highlights the sector’s importance to the regional economy and helps educate lawmakers.

Impact on a global scale

In 2015, during the height of the Ebola crisis, we convene more than 50 leaders from NGOs, research institutes, government, and the private sector to share information with the CDC’s Ebola response team.

A growing membership

Our membership expands to more than 70 global health organizations and allies, and WGHA events connect thousands of people and lead to numerous global health partnerships.

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