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Fauci’s friend, Everest outbreak, and vital vaccines

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Vital vaccines

Vaccines are trending—and we’re not talking about Pfizer or Moderna this time.

A research consortium convened by PATH secured approval for emergency use of the novel oral polio vaccine against type 2 poliovirus. Now, PATH is sponsoring a Phase 3 trial to collect the data for long-term accessibility of the vaccine and beginning a Phase 1 trial to advance novel oral polio vaccine for types 1 and 3.

Global Health Technologies Coalition reported a new malaria vaccine candidate out of the University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute with a 77% efficacy rate. If trials go smoothly and the vaccine is approved, there’s a pledge to distribute 200 million doses per year.

Bon appétit, baby

Thanks to new recommendations, babies may now enjoy a wider menu selection. Contrary to previous advice, Swedish shared new guidelines that show early food introduction is a way to prevent food allergies. They say instead of waiting, parents should start introducing allergenic foods—cow’s milk, eggs, wheat, soy, nuts, seafood, and sesame—when a baby is around six months old. Enjoy!

Fauci’s friend

A new household name emerged over the past year—Dr. Fauci. When we looked to him for vaccine development, he looked to his trusted friend and colleague right here in Seattle to help lead the efforts, Dr. Larry Corey of Fred Hutch.

In a recent interview, the pair discussed their long-time friendship, HIV research in the ‘80s, and how COVID-19 vaccines could help with vaccines for HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis. Their focus now is finding out how long the COVID-19 vaccine protection lasts and getting as many people vaccinated as possible. Get your #FauciOuchie today.

India’s COVID crisis

India is now the epicenter of the pandemic, and it has a triple-mutant variant that could be a global health threat. Here are a few WGHA members providing support.

  • Americares is providing life-saving equipment in health facilities, protecting health workers by supplying PPE, offering telehealth consultations and medicine delivery, and educating community members about preventing COVID-19.

  • PATH is strengthening medical oxygen access by upgrading key oxygen generation facilities and advising on procurement efforts.

  • The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation is monitoring data and updating the impact projections with a peak now in late May.

  • The Bay Area Global Health Alliance is compiling a list of resources and held an emergency briefing to share info.

Outbreak on Everest

India’s neighbor, Nepal, is experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases, too. The virus even reached the Mount Everest base camp during a very busy climbing season. Unfortunately, due to a lack of testing and treatment capabilities, combined with the fact that altitude sickness and COVID-19 have similar symptoms, detecting and treating the virus is a struggle. Guide companies are setting up their own precautions and restrictions to keep climbers, guides, and the surrounding communities safe.

Adara is using strategies and lessons learned from the first wave of COVID-19 in Nepal to support communities during this intense second wave. The team continues to support health workers with PPE, supplies, and training. As the country goes back into lockdown and the schools close, Adara will reboot radio learning programs for children.

Meet Kayla

Join us in welcoming Kayla Jan, WGHA’s new programs coordinator! She will plan and implement our upcoming events and support member engagement. Not only does she have a strong background in event planning, she’s also passionate about increasing access to equitable health care and travel. Kayla is a Seattle native who enjoys trying new food and playing volleyball, and she’s looking forward to the day when pick-up games are safe again.

People on the move

  • Cyril Engmann, Peter Waiswa, and Yangchen Lama joined Adara’s global boards.

  • Luke Ilgenfritz joined Minerva Strategies as the summer intern.

  • Morgan Hellar was promoted to chief financial officer of the Washington Research Foundation.

Zoomin’ around town

  • May 18: Discover new ways to leverage data and ramp up your analytical skills to make an impact in your organization at Tableau Live.

  • May 20: Attend Aware for All Northwest to learn about clinical trials and how they work, hosted by the Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation.

  • May 20: Learn about Worldwide Fistula Fund’s training programs for fistula survivors in Kenya.

  • May 24: Join the latest Fred Hutch virtual global oncology lecture.

  • May 27: Learn about optimizing the health care innovation ecosystem with Cambia Grove.

  • June 3: Participate in Raise Your Pints: A Bloodworks Research Hour & Auction with Bloodworks Northwest.

  • June 8: Tune in to GlobalWA’s event Work with USAID to hear about partnership and funding opportunities

“People who care, act, and refuse to give up may not change THE world, but they can change many individual worlds.”

Samantha Power, 19th Administrator of USAID, in her book The Education of an Idealist: A Memoir

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