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Women make up 75% of the global health workforce yet fill fewer than 20% of the leadership roles.

It’s time to change the status quo.

Women in Global Health Seattle (WGH Seattle) is a movement of professional women and their allies working in global health in the Pacific Northwest.

WGH Seattle is advancing gender equity in global health leadership by creating space for building personal and professional networks, challenging the status quo, and inspiring professionals in the Pacific Northwest to create pathways and support for women, trans, and/or gender nonconforming people in global health to achieve their full potential.

Values Statement

WGH Seattle is an inclusive group that recognizes systemic discrimination against Black, Indigenous, people of color, women, and LGBTIQ+ people impacting their career pathways and advancement, as well as many other aspects of their lives. We understand that people at the intersections of those identities face compounded biases. We take an expansive view of gender and strive to center Black, Indigenous, and women of color. If you think you belong, you do.

Join us in our 2022 WGH Seattle events 

Whether we’re meeting in-person or virtually, our WGH Seattle events bring together women dedicated to improving global health and working for gender equity in leadership. We strive to ensure you leave these curated events new connections and ideas.


March 10, 2022


June 2, 2022


September 15


December 8

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WGH Seattle Advisory Panel

The WGH Seattle Advisory is made of up fifteen leaders, selected for their commitment to advancing gender equity in global health leadership, their involvement with the WGH Seattle movement to date, and their various perspectives and career experiences. The Advisory Panel will tap into the diversity, experience, and energy of the broader global health community to provide the WGH Seattle movement with tools to advance its vision.

Advisory Panel
"As women, we need to remember to support each other."

Rhea Coler

Senior Vice President, Infectious Disease Research Institute, speaking at the kick-off event for WGH Seattle