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Malaria Partners International (MPI) has set a big goal of eliminating malaria in Uganda, starting in the provinces of Katakwi and Soroti. The project includes training over 1,700 local Village Health Teams to provide detection and treatment of malaria for more than 850,000 Ugandans.

World Vision, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotary International, and RAM Global pledged to match funds raised by Rotary members to support the project. MPI is also partnering with the Ministry of Health to ensure long-term sustainability. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Hopeful optimists

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation released its 2021 Goalkeepers Report, with the theme of “Innovation & Inequity.” The report shares data about devastation caused by the pandemic, including the widening of wealth and gender gaps and the strain on health systems. Still, the self-described impatient optimists are hopeful about innovations in vaccines, childbirth, and PPE. The report also leaves us with a major call to action: invest in women and girls.

Vaccination verification

There’s a hot topic now across the country—vaccination verification. In many places, including here in King County, proof of a COVID vaccination will be required before taking part in some activities. This Public Health – Seattle & King County article explains more of what’s coming and why.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation shared projections that over the next six months, vaccination verification could help prevent 17k to 75k infections, 421 to 1,760 hospitalizations, and 63 to 257 deaths in King County alone.

Calming the storm

Fred Hutch scientists are using artificial intelligence (AI) to pinpoint FDA-approved therapies that can calm hyperinflammation—cytokine storms—in patients with COVID-19. Approximately 15% to 20% of patients develop acute infections that lead to this type of deadly storm. The AI-identified therapies have shown progress inhibiting the inflammation in mice and in human cells. The team now hopes to get support for clinical trials.

Podcast with a purpose

Looking for an inspirational podcast? Check out A Podcast of One’s Own with Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia. In this episode, she interviews Adara’s founder and chair, Audette Exel. Audette shares her story and talks about Adara’s humanitarian work, its impact, and the focus on women and girls. She discusses Adara’s health and education programs in remote areas—from schools in the mountains of Nepal to maternal and newborn health centers in Uganda, all driven and staffed by local community members. Her drive? The “profound belief in the equality of human beings.”

Early access

Globally, 175 million children don’t have access to pre-primary education. Amplio and ILC Africa are working to change that by delivering lessons through Talking Books for kids in Malawi. Amplio is providing 400 Talking Book devices to 50 early childhood education centers. Kids and their families will be able to listen and learn together in their local language on the portable, battery-powered devices.

Zoomin’ around town

  • Sept. 30: Join Cambia Grove for the TRAILS Competition kickoff event to learn more about innovative solutions to behavioral health challenges.

  • Sept. 30: Attend Measuring Impact: A Winning Recipe for Mission-Driven Work with Forum One.

  • Oct. 7: Join Worldwide Fistula Fund’s 6th Annual Evening to Restore Dignity to support women and girls with childbirth injuries in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, and Uganda.

  • Oct. 14: Register now to attend our virtual Global Health Impact Awards and Fundraiser! We’ll shine a spotlight on the finalists and find out the winners of the three categories. Choose your own adventure by selecting one of three levels that works for you.

  • Oct. 15: Participate in Science Friday, presented by Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason, for an overview of BRI’s work on the immune system and COVID-19, followed by an update from one of its top scientists about type 1 diabetes.


  • Send a free eCard to a patient at Seattle Children’s Hospital to brighten their day.

“In a pandemic, innovation is not an option. It is a requirement.”

Emily Bancroft, president of VillageReach, in her article Innovation in the Face of COVID-19

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