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Got milk, more cocoa, and get connected

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Get connected

Think about how often you use the internet and your devices. Imagine if you had to flee your home without a way to access resources, work, school, or even a place to charge your phone. This is the case for many Ukrainians, as approximately 12 million have been displaced over the past three months.

World Vision and partners are providing Wi-Fi through mobile connectivity centers in Romania, Moldova, and even within Ukraine for displaced people. The centers act like pop-up internet cafes, where families can connect to the internet to communicate with loved ones and find resources for food, shelter, clothing, and more. Each center, built in a transportable container, has multiple charging stations as well as tablets and other devices to help people access resources, including online school for kids.

Got milk?

There’s a shortage of baby formula impacting families across the nation. Seattle Children’s has advice for caregivers to make sure babies stay healthy and safe. Hint: contact your pediatrician before switching to alternatives.

Nominate a global health star

We are now accepting nominations for the 2022 Global Health Impact Awards! Who will you nominate in these categories?

  • Rising Star: Awarded to an individual age 40 or under (as of October 1, 2022) who is making an exceptional impact in the field of global health.

  • Luminary Leader: Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and a relentless commitment to the global health community.

  • Organizational Impact: Awarded to an organization making an exceptional impact in improving global health equity.

Submit your nominations by 5:00 pm PT on July 1, 2022.

Climbing and cancer

Sen Sundaram climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with Climb to Fight Cancer to raise money for research at Fred Hutch—then 18 months later was diagnosed with cancer himself. Read this Heart of the Hutch story for more on his life-changing journeys and how he applied climbing lessons to cancer treatment.

More cocoa, please

Cocoa farming is the backbone of the Western Region of Ghana. Amplio and CARE supported farmers through the Cocoa Life global cocoa sustainability program. They worked with community members to record audio content in local languages (Akan and Ewe) to share information on sustainable farming practices, child labor, and climate change, among other topics that promote healthy and safe agriculture. The project reached over 4,500 farmers, and they reported yield increases of 10% to 20%. Everyone wins with more cocoa, sustainably grown.

Mass vax

COVID-19 vaccination efforts are underway around the world. PATH and the Bangladesh Ministry of Health partnered for a large-scale vaccination campaign in the hard-to-reach Kurigram District. Thanks to this partnership and determination, nearly 65,000 people received COVID-19 vaccinations in only two days. Read about the process, challenges, and highlights of such a complex effort in the article.

Zoomin’ around town

  • May 24: Attend Prioritizing an Inclusive Customer Experience in Government with Forum One.

  • May 25: Join the next Fred Hutch Science Says event to hear about using emerging technologies and a growing volume of molecular data to create personalized cancer therapies and prevention strategies.

  • June 2: Register for the Women in Global Health Seattle quarterly gathering featuring a fireside chat with Ruchika Tulshyan about her new book Inclusion on Purpose: An Intersectional Approach to Creating a Culture of Belonging at Work.

  • June 4: Gather with Medical Teams International at T-Mobile Park for the annual Field of Dreams. They’re aiming to raise a million dollars!

  • June 7: Join Lynden Logistics, Global Washington, and World Affairs Council for the Q2 2022 Final Mile Logistics Working Group meeting: The Value of Exchange Programs. It’s an opportunity to remind ourselves of ways we can bring nations and people closer together.

“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.”

–Angela Y. Davis

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