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Rare cancer research, temperature tracking tech, and digital health

Community kiosks


The Washington State Department of Health, in collaboration with local health jurisdictions and tribal nations, announced the launch of a community testing initiative that will offer free COVID-19 and flu tests, along with other health care supplies from a kiosk. The initiative aims to promote health equity and accessibility with kiosks available 24/7 in various locations statewide such as food banks, transit stations, churches, schools, and libraries. In addition to convenient access, these kiosks will be free to use.



Rare cancer research

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center’s Dr. Taran Gujral has developed an AI-driven drug-matching platform to help find additional uses for drugs that have already gone through clinical trials and been approved by the FDA. The systems biologist also recently launched the Transformative Rare Cancer Initiative, or TRACER, with the goal of repurposing these approved drugs for “rare” cancers, in hopes of accelerating research and treatment by identifying new uses for existing drugs. He believes that, while there is a need for new drugs, “there’s more of a need to find new uses for existing drugs.” Rare cancers, although collectively impacting over 400,000 Americans per year, generally receive minimal research attention. This initiative will offer hope for these patients with limited treatment options.



Temperature tracking tech


Move over, smartwatches—there's a new wearable tech accessory in town. University of Washington researchers recently introduced the Thermal Earring, a wireless, smart earring prototype that continuously monitors the wearer’s earlobe temperature. This device is about the size and weight of a small paperclip and has a battery life of 28 days. Researchers found several promising applications for the earring, such as checking for fevers, tracking ovulation, and monitoring signs of stress, eating, and exercise. Future iterations may integrate heart rate and activity monitoring.



Digital health in practice


Join WGHA on Wednesday, February 28 for the Global Health Innovation XCHANGE’s second webinar: The Path to Global Health Digital Exchange. This 7 am event will be hosted via Zoom and focus on digital health in practice. We are honored to have the following speakers for this important discussion:

  • Bryant Karras, Chief Medical Informatics Officer and Senior Public Health Epidemiologist, Washington State Department of Health

  • Joshua Mandel, Chief Architect for Healthcare, Microsoft Research

  • Les Becker, Chief of Innovation and Technology, Washington State Department of Health (moderator)

We hope to see you there!



Xchanging ideas


We are thrilled to unveil the launch of our new website and logo dedicated solely to the Global Health Innovation XCHANGE! The XCHANGE is a unique public/private membership platform with a mission to advance inclusive and equitable global health innovations by cultivating a dynamic diverse community of private and public visionary organizations and innovators.


At the heart of our mission, we believe that collaboration and inclusivity are essential for driving meaningful change. That's why we've created a space where visionaries, innovators, and changemakers from around the world can come together to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and amplify their impact. 


Here's what you can expect to find on our website:


Updates on the latest in XCHANGE News: Stay informed and inspired with the latest news, insights, and updates. From innovative initiatives to new partnerships, our news section keeps you current on the developments shaping the future of global health.


New innovations (coming soon): Discover cutting-edge technologies, treatments, and solutions that are revolutionizing the field of global health. 


XCHANGE Partners: Learn more about the organizations, institutions, and individuals that we partner with to advance our mission. Our partnerships play a crucial role in driving collaboration and amplifying our collective impact, and we're proud to highlight the incredible work being done by our partners.


Upcoming XCHANGE webinars and events: Explore our calendar of upcoming webinars, events, and virtual gatherings focused on global health innovation.


We invite you to check out the new website and join us in advancing inclusive and equitable global health innovations!



Around the community

  • Feb. 15–Mar. 31: Submit your application for the World Health Innovation Forum (WHIF) Fellowship 2024! The WHIF Fellowship, hosted at Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone, empowers emerging leaders in health care through a structured program that immerses fellows in diverse settings, including scientific centers, innovation factories, and hospitals, fostering talent and innovative thinking to address real-world challenges.

  • Feb. 27RSVP for the opening celebration of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center’s newest exhibition, A Better Way to Go: Toilets and the Future of Sanitation. This free exhibition explores how we can build a world with safe sanitation services for all and features art installations and innovations such as toilets of the future.

  • Feb. 28: Join WGHA for the Global Health Innovation XCHANGE webinar: The Path to Global Health Digital Exchange. This 7 am event will be hosted via Zoom and focus on digital health in practice.

  • Feb. 29Seattle Children’s Physician Relations is inviting medical professionals to attend Migraine in Pediatrics, a free virtual event to learn more about recognizing and treating migraines in pediatric patients.

  • Mar. 5: Celebrate this International Women’s Day with WGHA at the Gates Foundation Discovery Center for a keynote address on “Sisterhood Unleashed: The Transformative Power of Solidarity.” This in-person event is free to attend but space is limited, so register now!

  • Mar. 11: Northeastern University is inviting all medical providers, engineers, pharmaceutical scientists, and designers to participate in the Extreme Cold Symposium & Hack-A-Thon, exploring topics such as biomedical monitoring, medication storage, and extreme clothing design.

  • Mar. 21: Join Abante Scientific and others for the Play Bold Innovation360 Group Circle in Las Vegas! This event will help you master innovation culture through a systematic, evidence-based approach and unlock untapped potential to accelerate growth, improve profitability, and deliver unprecedented value.

  • Mar. 23: Buy tickets now for The Max Foundation’s annual Maximize Life Gala! This year, they are celebrating the courage and strength of people living with cancer and the hard work and dedication of the surrounding community, including medical professionals, loved ones, and caregivers. Join them for an engaging cocktail hour and silent auction, followed by a three-course dinner. You won’t want to miss this inspiring event!


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