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Rashmi Varma

Project Manager

Rashmi holds a Doctor of Pharmacy and obtained her Master of Public Health from UC Berkeley. Her rich professional history includes roles as a clinician, researcher, project manager, and product strategy consultant. Her leadership in socioeconomic empowerment is exemplified by her work with the Conditional Business Entrepreneurship & Vocational Skills program, promoting financial resilience, education, and employment for marginalized women in Nepal. In India, she collaborated with the Karuna Trust on initiatives to prevent antimicrobial resistance and led a project to improve sanitation and health education. She also spearheaded an initiative with Larkin Street Youth Services to foster economic stability and independence in at-risk youth in San Francisco.

Rashmi is currently the Project Manager for the Women's Health Co-Incubator at the Global Health Innovation XCHANGE, an ecosystem that brings together health innovators to network, share ideas, and learn best practices. The Women's Health Co-Incubator addresses systemic obstacles in women's health, aiming to provide affordable and accessible solutions to women and their healthcare providers. Rashimi’s role at XCHANGE reflects her dedication to leveraging technology and innovation to improve healthcare delivery with equity always top of mind. In her entrepreneurial journey, Rashmi has demonstrated an exceptional ability to build and scale innovative programs.

Rashmi's strategic vision and collaborative approach have driven her impressive track record of forging strong partnerships with local organizations, government bodies, and international health agencies – partnerships that are crucial for the successful implementation and scalability of initiatives. Her ability to navigate and align diverse stakeholder interests ensures that a startup not only addresses immediate challenges but also moves strategically towards sustainable, long-term solutions.

Throughout her career, Rashmi has been dedicated to improving health outcomes and promoting economic empowerment. Her expertise and passion for equity in healthcare drive her work, making her a pivotal figure in global health innovation and socioeconomic development. Rashmi is thrilled to bring her extensive experience and innovative approach to the Global Health Innovation XCHANGE, furthering its mission to advance inclusive and equitable health solutions worldwide.

Rashmi Varma
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