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Ricardo Silva

Director Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Ricardo Silva is a globally recognized expert in the field of clinical engineering and health information technology, driven by a deep-seated passion for education and innovation. His expertise spans a diverse spectrum, reflecting his status as a true renaissance professional. With an extensive background in healthcare, information, innovation, technology, and business, he brings a unique breadth of knowledge and experience to the table.

As an educator, Ricardo had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of students, equipping them to make a profound impact on a global scale. His teaching journey has taken him across a wide range of subjects, from fundamental biology and biophysics to cutting-edge domains like Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare Innovation. This dynamic teaching approach has allowed him to foster a new generation of leaders who possess a well-rounded skill set and a passion for driving change.

Ricardo's involvement extends beyond education – he has played an integral role in funding, incubating, and accelerating companies that are shaping the future. His expertise also encompasses digital transformation, accreditation, and shaping public policy in the healthcare sector. He possesses a unique ability to dissect complex problems, breaking them down into manageable components and thrives on leading teams to solve these challenges efficiently and effectively, consistently delivering results that meet the highest standards.

Ricardo Silva
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