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Global Health Innovation Xchange

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The Global Health Innovation Xchange was established by the Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA) in consultation with WGHA members and global health stakeholders. The Xchange is a unique public-private membership platform facilitating collaboration between organizations with the mission to decrease the global burden of disease by advancing inclusive and equitable global health innovations. 


The Xchange is strategically designed to cultivate a dynamic innovation community uniting global health stakeholders, visionary innovative organizations, innovators and funders, all collaborating collectively to drive innovation forward. The Xchange provides an inclusive platform for local and global members to collaborate, exchange ideas, advocate for innovation, form partnerships, support innovators, accelerate innovations, and access funding opportunities. 

Xchange Mission

Our mission is to decrease the global burden of disease by advancing inclusive and equitable global health innovations

Why Join the Xchange?

The Xchange cultivates an inclusive global health innovation community of global health stakeholders, global and local nonprofits, academic and research institutes, private companies, foundations, innovators, government organizations and funders.

The Xchange will enable coordination and prioritization of key innovation initiatives in Global Health that promise to advance healthcare globally.

The Xchange facilitates an equitable global health innovation ecosystem.





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Xchange Membership Benefits

Strategic Partners
Innovative Organization
Individual Innovators
Leading and facilitating innovation discussion forums
Access to emerging innovations that address partner's priorities
Shape strategic direction of Xchange, including selecting priority areas and innovation technologies
Organization promotion - website, social media, and opportunity to submit articles for Field Notes (subject to editorial guidelines)
Access to funding opportunities
Showcase innovations
Partnership and collaboration opportunities with Xchange partners, Innovators, and Funders
Contribute to Innovator training program and mentorship
Opportunity to serve on Innovation Selection, DEI, and Innovation Champion committees
Exposure to innovation community of global health stakeholders, strategic partners, innovation partners and private funders
Technical and entrepreneurial support
WGHA Executive Membership
WGHA Membership
Unrestricted membership of Xchange

Xchange Membership Fees

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