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2022: Our Year in Review

Global Learning Community of Practice Kickoff

With support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, WGHA explored opportunities to bring together global health experts and local providers and provider organizations to explore ways in which lessons from global health can be applied in the U.S. A kick-off organizational meeting to propose a way forward, and to seek input and advice from interested stakeholders. View the recording here.

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Women in Global Health Seattle

WGH-Seattle is a movement of professional women, and their allies, working in global health and development in the Pacific Northwest. WGH-Seattle is advancing gender equity in global health and development leadership by creating space for building personal and professional networks, challenging the status quo, and inspiring professional to create pathways and support for women, trans, and/or gender nonconforming people in global health to achieve their full potential. WGH-Seattle held three quarterly gatherings this year and introduced a new group of advisors. View previous events and meet the new cohort on the WGH-Seattle page

Communicators Roundtable

Fara Ndiaye, Deputy Executive Director of Speak
Up Africa, shared how their organization
partnered with local African scientists and media
outlets to increase positive sentiment of coverage
on public health research and development topics
through their African Voices of Science project.
View the recording here.

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Landscape Study Launch

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The state of Washington is home to a very large concentration of global health and development organizations who work and impact 162 countries in the world. This ecosystem of global health organizations is not only compelling and important for our local state economy, but increasingly pivotal in driving human and planetary health programs on a global basis. This has never been more evident as during the last two pandemic years, where innovation, implementation and thought leadership originating in Washington's global health and development community has made an immense contribution towards the global pandemic response. Many of our member organizations have been critical innovators spawning a veritable revolution in vaccine development, global trials, climate adaptation & mitigation, implementation science and diagnostics among many other fields. View the recording of our Landscape launch here.

Communicators Roundtable

Jenn Johnson and Christina Crawley from Forum One hosted a great session for our membership highlighting how website personalization can drive audience engagement, getting the most relevant content to your users. Engagement is essential to driving fundraising, volunteers, and sharing the mission of your organization. View the recording here

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Global Learnings Communities of Practice Convening

Together with WGHA, we heard from Partners In Health and VillageReach leadership on how they have been applying practices to build stronger health care systems in Africa and elsewhere to systems in the United States to improve health equity. We were also joined by Washington State Secretary of Health, Umair Shah, who shared his vision for how engaging in these initiatives that bring global knowledge to local issues are critical to the future of public health in Washington state. A special highlight of the talks included the use of the VillageReach and Department of Health partnership in COVID vaccine rollouts as a case study for learnings and discussion. View the recording here.

Global Health Impact Awards

WGHA's Global Health Impact Awards celebrate the people and organizations that deliver greater health equity and demonstrate a commitment to innovation that runs the global health ecosystem every day. The Awards celebrated WGHA’s Rising Star, Luminary Leader, and Organization Impact Award Finalists & Winners. View the recording here


Global Health Innovation Exchange

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In response to the need to accelerate critical solutions to solve the world's most daunting human and planetary health challenges, WGHA launched the Global Health Innovation Exchange. The exchange was conceived to identify projects that have the potential to make true positive social impact, and to provide funding to those initiatives to bring them to market. Recognizing the inextricable links between human health and climate change is critical to creating real-world solutions that will create sustainable impact. Using the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals as our guide, the Exchange focuses on opportunities that touch all 17 Goals, with a specific eye toward: Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being, Goal 5: Gender Equality, Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Goal 13: Climate Action, and Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals. Beyond funding, the Exchange projects will also benefit from the collective knowledge of WGHA's experience building partnerships and a broader collective of investment professionals who know how to build, operate, and grow social impact ventures. Learn more about WGHA's Innovation Exchange here.

WGHA's new look

This year we updated our look and launched the new WGHA website. The website brings fresh and engaging content that is easier to navigate and highlight the important work of WGHA and our members.

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