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Science Class


Through STEM Global, the Washington Global Health Alliance and its members are inspiring and preparing the next generation of global health researchers, practitioners, and champions.

Explore the resources below to help with your global health job search or to learn new ways to integrate global health concepts into your classroom.

For Your Classroom
COVID-19 Curricula
COVID-19 Curricula

Teaching about Coronavirus & COVID-19 - Master List of Resources

Master list of teaching resources related to coronavirus, COVID-19, and global health epidemics and pandemics

STEM Global - COVID-19 Testing & Inequities Curriculum

Fred Hutch curriculum exploring molecular biology, patient case studies, health inequities, and bioethical issues related to COVID-19

STEM Global - COVID-19: In Context

This free virtual field trip experience is offered by the Gates Foundation Discovery Center

STEM Global Educator Workshop Jan. 30, 2021 Recording

A recording of WGHA’s STEM Global Educator Workshop (01/30/21). This workshop is designed to share free activities and curriculum resources centered around COVID-19 to integrate into virtual classrooms. English and Spanish captions.

Global Health Curricula
Global Health Curricula 

Global Health Ambassadors Curriculum

An overview interdisciplinary 11th grade Ambassadors Global Health High School Curriculum

STEM Global Data Driven Curriculum

IHME’s curriculum to use data to inform action

STEM Global Code Cracking Curriculum

NWABR’s curriculum to investigate cancer mutations

STEM Global Data Driven Middle School Curriculum

IHME’s Middle School curriculum to use data to inform action

STEM Global Data Driven Middle School Remote Learning Center

IHME’s Middle School curriculum with suggested adaptations for remote learning to use data to inform action

STEM Global Diagnostic Detective Curriculum

Fred Hutch's curriculum to learn how to detect antibodies

STEM Global Drone Drop Challenge

PATH’s curriculum to design, build, & test a safe drop container

STEM Global Vaccine Delivery Curriculum

Pacific Science Center's curriculum to design a vaccine-delivery solution

Breathe In, Breathe Out Curriculum

Middle-school students learn how engineers help us stay healthy by designing machines and medicines that support respiratory health and function

Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge

Games, debates, and experiments to use with your students

Human Reproductive Technologies Curriculum

Curriculum for grades 6-8 to learn about technologies and how engineers have worked to improve the health of expecting mothers and babies

Measuring the Impact of Global Health Crises

Lesson plans, articles, infographics, and more, related to an Ebola epidemic and global health issues

Test & Treat Before You Drink

Curriculum for grades 9-12 to learn about water quality testing and access to clean water saving lives

Global Health Diplomacy Online Course

Learn the opportunities, challenges, and limits of Global Health Diplomacy



An online visualizer of global health data that unveils the beauty of statistics for a fact-based world view

Online Exchanges & Global Collaborations for Every Classroom

Explore programs for communication and collaboration with students from other countries

Global Health Resource Center

UW’s listing of global health internships, fellowships, and volunteer opportunities

Global Health Reading List

A list of books compiled by Theresa Britschgi

Global Health Narratives: A Reader for Youth

Narratives and accompanying resources to support teachers in integrating these narratives into their science classrooms

Speakers Bureau

Request a scientist to speak in your classroom on topics ranging from AIDS research to the effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain

Global Health Champions

Profiles of people who have made a tremendous difference on the front lines of global health

Climate Change and Human Rights

A resource packet with tools for bringing these issues into K-12 social studies and science classrooms

NPR Global Health News Archive

All of NPR’s reports on global health in one location

Case Studies for Teaching in Science

Provides case studies, teaching guides, and answer keys on topics such as cholera, malaria, TB, HIV, & Ebola

HHMI BioInteractive's Infectious Disease Resources

Engaging multimedia resources to teach about viruses, the immune system, and infectious disease

Girls in Engineering, Math, & Science (GEMS)

GEMS is for 7th & 8th grade girls currently attending a Seattle public school

What Does It Take to Eradicate Disease?

A resource packet for educators from a World Affairs Council Global Classroom and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation event

Why should students investigate contemporary science topics—and not just "settled" science?

This practice brief from the Institute for Science + Math Education at the UW explores the importance of engaging students in investigating contemporary scientific problems in an authentic way to explore cutting-edge science.

Science Adventure Lab

Seattle Children’s mobile science lab accommodates up to 28 students and travels to schools across Washington to provide hands-on science curriculum to grades 4-12

Global Health Careers & Job Search
Global Health Careers & Job Search

Global Health Careers Fact Sheets

Fact sheets that give detailed information about occupations, education requirements, and salaries

Global Health Careers Pipeline

A high-level map of careers in Global Health that make up the global health sector and the education required to land them.

10 Tips for Building Your High School Resume

Encourages early resume building and how to use it to market yourself.

How to Create Your Resume

Slideshow with detail descriptions of sections to include on a resume.

Career Girls

Career resource featuring profiles, videos, and career info of female-identifying people from diverse backgrounds.

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